The Mirror

Her laugh lines were dimmer

Than the heavy scars of despair

The strength of the years

Noticeable, very loud very clear

It did not speak but showed her how

The sparkle died as she smiled then frowned

Her hair was white, as once was brown

But still it sparkled with glitter of the crown

Queen of the land had once she been

Happiness and fervor was once her twin

The mirror was quiet, as it stood and showed

The evident misery, the dark abode

It wished to console her, but could not reach out

For it was, but a mirror…..silver and round





4 thoughts on “The Mirror

  1. OMG!!! now, your freaking me out!! WOW!!!!! =D
    btw, when ur a famous poetess someday, u HAVE to help me meet my favourite authors!! ok?

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