Through The Brick Walls Of My Heaven (Free Verse)

Like blood in the veins,

It ran through the fiber

Staining the gleaming skin

Appeared as if the midnight sky

Had filled the canvas of a painter’s dream

I stared at the miles it journeyed

And it winked at the moments I gasped

I could see in its eyes, a mysterious gleam

Outside the window, the winter

Echoed with a sound of silence,

Strange yet welcome

To a dreamer, and explorer

Of the hidden realms that implore

To the quill to narrate their story

In daunting black words that stain

The gleaming skins of pages

Sometimes covered with dust

Thus if, a traveler stopped to peer inside

Through the brick walls of my heaven

For sure he’d see me among my papery friends

As the frosty nights passed by





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