The Sidewalk

He stood on the sidewalk

And saw the world fall

Didn’t listen to its ashes

And walked off tall

A shuttle ran by

The sidewalk that day

Where once a horse carriage

Had been on its way

Where once a day walker

Had worn a trench coat

There had been carnivals

Fireworks, myths and moats

There now exists the sidewalk

Where my steps tread by

On snowy, late evenings

And leave imprints behind

One thought on “The Sidewalk

  1. When along the pavement,
    Palpitating flames of life,
    People flicker round me,
    I forget my bereavement,
    The gap in the great constellation,
    The place where a star used to be.

    D. H. Lawrence

    Somehow, I felt this relates to your poem. 🙂

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