The Moon’s Question to the Earth

Stars sparkled
In the February night
The wind tired
Of its sorrows
Took refuge,
Amidst the wood
The moon
Asked the earth
Out of sheer

“You’ve lived and loved
For centuries old
Seen you stories,
of silver and gold
Mysteries across the seven seas
Nations destroyed among the ancient trees
Gazed at Helen of Troy and Sparta’s fall
You’ve answered revolution’s fiery call
Ice castles have melted away
And your people wander, to this day
Your ocean shores sing sad songs
You drift through twilight, the rights, the wrongs
Then tell me this, my friend, I ask
One thing in whose shadow, lovers bask
What creates mystery, and magic wonder?
What makes civilizations crash and thunder?
What makes heroes draw their swords?
And make blood rise, in the eyes of lords?
What cures an old friend’s broken heart?
What makes people, travel back to the start?
What lives in cages, of young minds?
What still never changes, with the hours left behind?
What can engrave a wound unhealed?
What leaves imprints, on memories sealed?

The earth pondered, for quite a while
And softly then, it answered
And the moon bent low
to catch her voice,
The Earth indeed,
had well replied.
It had said “WORDS”

2 thoughts on “The Moon’s Question to the Earth

  1. Okay. I don’t know where you get your ideas and inspiration from because everything that you write – each and every thing – is mind-blowing, beautiful, mesmerizing, enchanting; leaves me spellbound.

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