What Happens Next

I watched from afar

As the window of the heart

Opened to green meadows

And violet hills

I strained to listen

To the whispers of dawn

A new one

Hiding low, behind the mounts

The sky

So blue

Yet so


It shines, like the stars never left

To illuminate lands

Lost somewhere

In this eternal chase for time

Lands, lost in horizons

Lands, I know nothing of

And yet

This road

Is tumbling on, as I look

Far ahead it goes, places

Where it meets people, ideas

Friendships, journeys, inspirations

Melodies, sorrows, hopes


As days come and go

As voices echo

As words live and die

We’ll trudge on this very road

We’ll live, we’ll love

We will go on

And we will see

What happens next.

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