The City of Dreams (free verse)

The city of dreams,

Does it still live in the distance?

I counted a million footprints, behind us

But it seems as if

The path is still long, and winding

I saw pebbles on the shore

And moonlight in the heavens

You sang of diamonds in the rust

I thought of pearls soaked in magic

I traced constellations with my hands

You searched for twilight in the looking glass

I hoped of green leaves and ruby berries

I imagined Italy’s stony roads

You traveled in Venetian boats

In dreams of silent midnights

I walked through walls of despair

I broke through chains of misery

You watched as millions bled to death around you

In dreary battlefields

I wrote ballads

You sang them out

I have memories

You have hopes

I had wished to witness wonder and

You promised

To take me

To the city of dreams

Are we there yet?

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