When I was younger, I used to watch the dusk with mixed emotions. It was always a canvas displaying the stories of the universe which could not be put into words. I would ask my mom if the clouds really merged as a single twilight colored unit when the call for Maghreb echoed through the land. She would think about it for a moment and then say yes. I never asked her for reasons behind this natural phenomenon. Perhaps she wouldn’t even have an answer. Neither do I; but I guess I can always analyze and come up with my own theories. Similarly, I would see the stars as they emerged, as a connected pattern of heavenly bodies. They would slowly surface upon the clouds, being supported by their thick fabric. Although they would be far apart, one star would always call out to the other, screaming ‘Hey, I got your back!’ so that neither would feel lost or alone.

Connections. How are they made? And more importantly, why?
Perhaps humans are the same as the stars and clouds that define my childhood. Perhaps they call out to each other during chaos and dismay; relying on the existence of a bond that is always there, to fight against the forces of confusion.

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