Do they ask you what life is? Make you think? Help you recall all those memories that define you? Provoke thoughts? Prepare you for future battles? Alter your beliefs? Enlighten you?
I often wonder what makes us who we are; what keeps the wheel of our fortunes in constant motion, whether backwards into a dark abyss or forward into a glorious sunset. Is it because perhaps humans have an innate tendency to become restless with stagnancy and therefore require function? Or is it because we are always striving to prove ourselves?

Or is it solely because knowing that the world will collapse one day that we want to make the best of it? People look toward philosophy, society and religion and ponder over the endless plots of the human story. Honest opinion? I believe it’s because we want to be prepared for the hereafter in the best way possible. Who knows what lies ahead, in this world and the next? And hence we function, in a way that only humans can. However, again the intrigue starts to build up in my mind. If it was to prepare for the hereafter, what about the negative functions humans do? Crime? Theft? Murder? Do they not fear the consequences? Or is it just because the world has utterly changed since its creation?

There are too many questions. And humanity is involved in an eternal chase for answers.

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