Heart of the Woods

There is a place in the heart of the woods

Looks like a meadow in the light

There the flowers slowly bloom

Preparing to fight the dark of night

Look, here comes along the light of the moon

With its silver it makes the flowers glow

Together they beat the blackness soon

It’s a story the children will want to know

So you see how all is well

It’s been a victory for the good

A war raged on and the forces fell

Of night in the heart of the woods

Flowers in Bloom

There were those days when

The sun wouldn’t lose all its shine

The talks by the Thames

And the Beauty of twilight, eternal and ever divine

I look back and see how, the world stopped to breathe

As, we journeyed on

And the stars watched, over us

Littering the skies, but now already gone

Saplings by the sidewalk

Now flowers in bloom

Pictures, on the walls

I gaze at the memories, hoping they’ll fade soon

For we all must carry on