Shattered and Misty Window Panes

A single star in a pitch black sky

A hundred moves to cover a lie

A dying breeze on a selfish day

A crystal slipper thrown away

A thousand stones not skipped upon

Despairing eyes turning to a blinding dawn

Unkempt streets and dusty lanes

Shattered and misty window panes

A million stars there used to be

Apples and peaches on every tree

Miles away down a dusty road

Where the streets and lanes yet still glowed

His violet eyes could still perceive

He was once a believer, keen to believe

He used to have a pet at home

Based on which is this little poem

But one day he thought to try and see

How it would feel to set it free

He watched it fly fast and afar

He had given in, left the door ajar

You see, reader, he was miserable that day

For he had opened his window and given away

What one should hold onto through thick and thin

What keeps us away from sorrow and sin

His pet was one to be tied with ropes

For it flies away and you cannot grope

For you see young reader, his pet had a name

And it’s purpose of existence was always the same

Once you lose it, you’re sure to mope

Not a chance you’ll have of conquering back ‘HOPE’





Revolution- A Poem

I was the freedom the black slave called

I was the land of the Catholic Lord

I was the magpie’s cry of fear

I was the signal that truth was near

I was the Muslims’ voice galore

I was Shakespeare’s sonnet when they said encore

I was the Britishers’ silver mines

So well set upon Indian lines

I was the last run on the very last ball

I was the reason of the Spartans’ fall

I was the garden of the Mughal kings

I was the hope of the lark that sings

I was the dust, the water, the wine

Of all the men, through history, and time

The wheel I was, and firearms too

I was the how, the why and who

I am the flags on the window panes

I am the enemies’ efforts in vain

I am here today, but sit and wait

‘Revolution’ is my name, the world is my bait.