Flowers in Bloom

There were those days when

The sun wouldn’t lose all its shine

The talks by the Thames

And the Beauty of twilight, eternal and ever divine

I look back and see how, the world stopped to breathe

As, we journeyed on

And the stars watched, over us

Littering the skies, but now already gone

Saplings by the sidewalk

Now flowers in bloom

Pictures, on the walls

I gaze at the memories, hoping they’ll fade soon

For we all must carry on


I had a dream last night

And I saw you

Immersed in silent shadows of


Lost deep in thought

Aren’t we unlucky creatures

Us humans?

We care for secrets and broken hearts

And messages trapped in bottles

Journeying across the sea

Alphabets in the Sand

In pictures ancient, you can see

Painted curtains left to dry

Footprints in the snow, one you, one me

In the sky are sparkling Northern lights

Like Hansel and Gretal, a bread filled mead

On a journey to Neverland

Point in the hourglass where you said

We’d carve alphabets in the sand

The meadow went from bush to stone

But time lives on in my hands

Where the paper , brown and worn

Smiles away carelessly, shy yet grand

I hear a whisper that tells

Me to look for berries by the trees

That whisper in my heart for a moment dwells

Hums dimmer and is lost to the trees