Heart of the Woods

There is a place in the heart of the woods

Looks like a meadow in the light

There the flowers slowly bloom

Preparing to fight the dark of night

Look, here comes along the light of the moon

With its silver it makes the flowers glow

Together they beat the blackness soon

It’s a story the children will want to know

So you see how all is well

It’s been a victory for the good

A war raged on and the forces fell

Of night in the heart of the woods

The Night Bus

The Thames had always been part of her fondest memories. Walking alongside it she often thought over the past; lost loves and broken promises. It gave her comfort to know that despite the absence of things she had wanted so much in life, the elements of nature would run their course by her side. They had her back.

She was young when she had to move away, and continue life far far away from the beauty of London. The rain falls and buildings had to be left behind along with all the memories she had made there. The town squares and the little star shaped ornaments her father often brought home on special occasions.

Years down the line, she has got on with her life. She met new people, started new prospects, and aged beyond her years. 

Sometimes though, when life is particularly dreary and things seem to be falling out of place, she takes the night bus back to the city she loved most. It is still the same. The waters of Thames and the autumn leaves on the roads are exactly as she left them, so are the laughing faces at the windows of Victorian houses. She takes it all in and feels better.

It is only in these mid night dreams that she feels protected.




I had a dream last night

And I saw you

Immersed in silent shadows of


Lost deep in thought

Aren’t we unlucky creatures

Us humans?

We care for secrets and broken hearts

And messages trapped in bottles

Journeying across the sea