I keep a jar filled

With stardust next to my bed

Every night it shines

I found it on a hill

To which the wandering road led

Amidst the scarlet grapevines

There I had paused, and used my quill

Inked word upon word, left unsaid

Indeed I wrote, as if all the world was mine

When I stood to leave, I found a jar filled

With stardust, in the lovely mead’

And every night, it shines

What The Mermaid Told Me

The raindrops glowed still brighter

From the shadow of the moon

The tulips twinkled with laughter

For dawn was to come soon

Farther north there was a rock

Beside a lonely sea

And as I thought to stand and walk

The mermaid smiled at me

Her bright eyes shone with mystery

Thus sadly she said

All you see, what you believe

The world surely is instead

You see that bright star in the sky?

It watched over you today

But as it saw your guilt and lies

It quickly turned away