Silver Linings on Frosty Mornings

The world lit up

With diamonds white

But from up close she saw

It was nothing more

Than broken glass

Gleaming in the snow

A hint of cerise

Like a dazzling sun

That sinks behind the hills

Slowly stains its surface red

On the frosty morning, mysterious, and still

And so she wonders, as the story unfolds

Of the glass that sparkles so bright

If she should too, keep her sorrows aside

And trudge on through life

Day and night

Trust the snow

To keep her memories safe

From this world of misery and fray

But even the white and the glint of ice

Could give her secrets away

So she warned her tears, never to fall

Like a child skipping river stones

And told her heart to live in verses and words, and linings of silver

Which gazed from the sky, twinkled and shone

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