Stop All The Clocks When It Turns 12

Pendulums, fair hands, embers galore

Sand grains, sunsets, ocean shores

Misty, darkened, shattered minds

With passing hours, the horrors unwind

Pale sunflowers, which flash and spark

Autumn leaves falling, on midnights dark

Letters and calls, deadly schemes

I don’t feel safe in pastel dreams

2 thoughts on “Stop All The Clocks When It Turns 12

  1. Your work is simply amazing; it is even more beautiful when you share your talent with other poets. Come in and join us for another week’s potluck fun,
    Any poem is welcome. We love poets, we enjoy poetry, and your participation makes us smile!
    Keep up the excellence.
    Let me know if you need help linking…
    Happy November,
    Happy Weekend.

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